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Batavia, IL Destruction Services

Information storage is typically thought of as data held on computers. However, our technologies are changing and progressing every day and we now find that there is a variety of electronic media of many variations. Businesses in Batavia, IL should be aware of the potential dangers of each of these device types and include them as part of their cybersecurity strategies for analysis and product destruction at end-of-life.

As more employees work from home, we are seeing company norms make dramatic shifts. Proprietary business data is being shared via email, on cell phones, laptops, tablets, and USBs. Even the most innocent copier/printer has a memory card containing a copy of every document that was processed through the machine. This trend will probably increase in activity and this means that instead of the previously network contained information, it is now being found in multiple locations. Once the usefulness of these devices has ended or there is an upgrade to better, faster, or more improved devices, a business may not realize that the device will need to be destroyed to keep proprietary data out of the hands of criminals.

Protecting company, client, and patient information has become one of the highest priorities in today’s business world and now requires the use of professional organizations that are experts in product destruction.



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Professional Product Destruction Services

Identity theft and company information breaches continue to escalate around the globe. Cybercriminals know the challenges of trying to break into a network and have continued to seek the path of least resistance to steal critical company information. Whether a small or large business in Batavia, IL, theft of customer lists, patient data, company relations, tax filings, and legal documents can lead a company into financial ruin.

Professional product destruction services can take charge of ensuring that all products and devices are completely destroyed and cannot ever be used again. They assist companies in Batavia, IL to comply with state and federal laws regarding the security and destruction of all items that contain information that is required to be secured.

Requirements for a Product Destruction Service

A professional destruction service will have staff knowledgeable on compliance requirements for both state and federal levels. They can confer with your Batavia, IL business to discuss what products that you have that need to be included for destruction and arrange secure pickup dates. Their flexibility should also accommodate technology changes as new devices and products are added to the list.

You will want a product destruction service to have their own trucks and destruction facilities as well as all drivers and staff to be employed by the company. There should be no third-party vendors involved in any of the services nor listed on any contracts that you sign.

Product destruction procedures should be clearly explained and should include the methods that they use to recycle, and the care taken to be environmentally conscientious for landfills.

The product destruction service should supply your company with a certificate of destruction that can be used for legal and audit situations.


Batavia About

Batavia is located at 41°50′56″N 88°18′30″W. Batavia is a city in DuPage and Kane Counties in the state of Illinois. A suburb of Chicago, it was founded in 1833 and is the oldest city in Kane County. The city has a total population of 26,420.



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Batavia, Illinois Information

During the latter part of the 19th century, Batavia, home to six American-style windmill manufacturing companies, became known as “The Windmill City.” Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory, a federal government-sponsored high-energy physics laboratory, where both the bottom quark and the top quark were first detected, is located in the city. Batavia is part of a vernacular region known as the Tri-City area, along with St. Charles and Geneva, all western suburbs of similar size and relative socioeconomic condition.