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Homer Glen Hard Drive and Product Destruction

All businesses make use of a variety of technology devices to store, update, and maintain high level security information regarding their organization, employees, clients, contracts, and profitability. Criminals know that many companies are less than knowledgeable when it comes time to upgrading these devices and will often simply delete the files and folders and then donate or sell the devices. Tech-savvy criminals are on the lookout for these technologies and can access the critical data and then sell everything on the dark web. There are state and federal laws in place that require companies to ensure that all customer/patient information is secure and the best way to do this is to use a licensed and professional data destruction company such as SHREDDRS.

Devices that Hold Information

Any technology devices that has a hard drive or memory card is liable for criminal activity. As our society continues to add new technologies, this list will continue to expand.

• Computer hard drives: Deleting alone does not remove the files or folders.
• Copy/fax machines: The hard disk or memory card maintains a copy of every document processed.
• Portable devices: cell phones, tablets, USBs/thumb drives, CDs, DVDs.
• Smart watches: Internet, contact, and communication histories.
• X-ray cards: contain personal medical information.

Misc. Plastic Cards: credit/debit, rewards or loyalty cards, and gift cards can be linked to personal information.

Methods of Destruction for Hard Drives and Peripherals

There are a few ways for complete destruction for technology devices and peripherals. While many fall under the “name” of shredding, the processes differ from those that shred paper. Once a device reaches end-of-life, is no longer needed, is being replaced with an upgrade, or is simply not functioning to accepted standard, it is critical that the device is rendered harmless and no longer contains any information or data that could be accessed. The type of data destruction depends upon if the device will be donated or sold, or if it is to be completely destroyed. The types of destruction include:

• Deletion of all hard drive data and then reformatting the disk/memory card. This is used in the case that the device will be used via donation or sale.
• Wiping out existing information by overwriting with new, harmless information. This is also a method that allows a device to be used via sale or donation.
• Ones/Zeros Erasure is similar to overwriting, however, instead it overwrites all areas of the hard drive or memory card with “ones and zeros.”
• Commercial grade electronic shredder will pulverize the device into small pieces so that it cannot be used.
• Destroying in another physical manner can including hammering, crushing, or drilling so that the device can never be used again.
• Degaussing is a method that makes use of magnetic fields that destroys all information on the device.
• Solid state shredding is an electronic device designed for technology destruction using slots that shred so that it creates scrap.

SHREDDRS uses high tech shredding devices that guarantees that each device is destroyed and will never be able to be used or accessed. We supply our clients with a certificate of proof for destruction that can be used in case of audit or legal situations.



Join thousands of other companies.
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Document Destruction

The era of shredding documents in-house and then adding them to recycling is long gone. Too many companies have found out the hard way that simple single strip shredding has allowed criminals to reassemble their critical and important organizational and client/patient information so that it can be sold on the dark web, causing company breaches, identity theft, and fines for abusing state and federal laws for data protection. There is a requirement for businesses to take document destruction seriously by hiring licensed and professional document destruction companies such as SHREDDRS, who will guarantee that all documents are shredded to the maximum so that the information can never be used.

Shredding Services

When most people think of shredding, they automatically default to paper or document shredding. However, the amount of documents being transferred to digital formats takes the concept of shredding to entirely new levels. The technologies that we store critical information is now viewed as a priority for destruction, and as we attempt to transition to a paperless society, and with the addition of state and federal laws regarding protection of proprietary and customer/patient data, every business is being faced with the requirement for both document and digital shredding. To accomplish these tasks on a high security level, organizations are turning to licensed, professional data destruction companies for shredding services.


Homer Glen About

Homer Glen is a village, located 32 miles southwest of downtown Chicago, in Homer Township, Will County, Illinois. The village was incorporated on April 17, 2001. Homer Glen is located at 41°37′22″N 87°56′29″W.



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Homer Glen, Illinois Information

The boundaries of the village of Homer Glen are one half-mile block south of 131st Street to the north, 183rd Street to the south, Will-Cook Road to the east, and Gougar Road to the west. The village shares its boundaries with the village of Lemont to the north, the village of Orland Park to the east, the village of New Lenox to the south and the city of Lockport to the west. The three major roads in Homer Glen are Bell Road, which runs North-South, 143rd Street, and 159th Street, which both run East-West.