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Secure Document Destruction Services Lisle, IL

While we may be in the digital age, there are still organizations that maintain their sensitive information and date in document form. Criminals are aware that these documents contain information that they can use, and it becomes critical for businesses, medical offices, and health organizations to have secure document destruction.

Here are the top four reasons for an organization to protect and later destroy documents with a professional secure document destruction company:

1} Legal ramifications:

This may be the top reason as the law defines the requirement of an organization to maintain the safety and protection of patient, client, and customer information. Using a professional and secure document destruction company guarantees “safe shredding” as a method to be in compliance with the laws. Lack of compliance can not only result in fees that are levied but a multitude of lawsuits by those that may be affected by a breach.

2} Sustainability:

Safe and secure shredding of sensitive documents is an added benefit for the environment. The resulting safe-shredded material can be recycled in an ecologically friendly manner. While it is against the law to not protect the safety of the documents, simply throwing them away can also cause a negative impact on the environment. The Healthcare Waste Management document destruction process ensures that you know all of the documents have been both destroyed and moved to a recycled and eco-friendly use.

3} Reliability:

Healthcare Waste Management has a reputation of being both reliable and trustworthy. Safely disposing of documents ensures that you are protecting your clients, patients, and customers as well as the destruction of any personal/proprietary company information. Using our secure shredding process you can have peace of mind that you are protecting yourself and others from potential theft.

4} Financial:

The monetary costs that are involved in fines, fees, and lawsuits for not properly destroying documents can be enough to bring a business down. Using the Healthcare Waste Management safe-shredding services is a cost-effective way to ensure the safety of pertinent and private information. We provide industrial-sized shredders that destroy documents in minutes and result in shredded pieces that are too small to ever attempt at reading.

Gone are the days of paying employees to take hours to shred documents onsite. When you use secure document destruction you are being proactive in protecting everyone and complying with the laws.



Join thousands of other companies.
“The only company you will ever need.”


Why Shredding Documents is Important

All businesses have paper documents that cover the gamut from proprietary company information to client or patient data. There are laws that dictate how long these documents must be retained and length of time depends on the type of business. This topic is especially concerning when it comes to those in the healthcare industry as it adds additional HIPAA requirements into the mix. Once the duration of time for maintaining the security of these documents have passed, proper destruction through shredding is a method that ensures that the data and information doesn’t fall into the hands for improper use. 

Proper shredding once involved single strip-cutting but has now been replaced with cross-cut and micro-cut for the highest level of security. Single strip cutting still allows large pieces that could be accessed and placed together to reassemble a document. Crosscut reduces a document to small pieces and micro-cut shreds the paper to the tiniest of particles.

Identity Theft

While electronic breaches may make the headlines, there are still many companies that experience theft of paper documents that aren’t properly destroyed. The most common situations of theft include using name, address, credit card numbers, social security numbers, and email addresses for full-on identity theft. This kind of theft can involve company staff as well as that of clients and patients.  “According to the Center for Victim Research, 7-10% of the U.S. population are victims of identity fraud each year, and 21% of those experience multiple incidents of identity fraud.”

Today, the most acceptable method of document shredding used by those companies that are professionals at shredding involves the crosscut, which reduces the paper to small pieces and the micro-cut which reduces paper to extremely tiny pieces.

Proprietary Company Data

Private company data can be used to sell to competitors and client data can be sold on the dark web. Each of these situations can not only wreak havoc on a business, it can also completely destroy a company. Documents can often include contracts, partnerships, pricing, product launches, and a variety of information that may be electronically safe through encryption but is there for the world to see in print form.

The Trust of Clients and Staff

The reputation of a business is both intangible and invaluable, and both clients and company staff rely on trusting a business that their private and personal information will be securely held in safety. Most companies place documents in locked locations with access via authorized personnel only. The continuation of this trust extends to ensuring that all documents will be appropriately destroyed and shredded at the correct time and will never simply be placed in a trash bin and/or landfill for anyone to access.

Fire Safety and Recycling

The storage of any large quantity of paper presents a fire hazard for any business. When a building is inspected these locations have to be identified as potentially dangerous, with special attention to possible additional fire safety factors. Reducing these documents through shredding not only helps to reduce the fire hazard but may also help to eliminate added insurance costs and special fire equipment.

Most companies are involved in recycling and shredding paper documents makes it a lot easier to accommodate recycling and reduces the carbon footprint for a business.


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Lisle is located at 41°47′33″N 88°05′18″W. Lisle has a total area of 7.021 square miles, of which 6.84 square miles is land and 0.181 square miles is water. Most of Lisle lies within the watershed of the east branch of the DuPage river.



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Lisle is a village in DuPage County, Illinois. Lisle is part of the Chicago metropolitan area and the Illinois Technology and Research Corridor. It is also the headquarters of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission Region III. In July 2007, Lisle was ranked No. 20 in Money magazine’s list of “100 Best Places to Live” and No. 17 on their 2009 list of the “Best Places for the Rich and Single”.