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Reduce Chances of Identity Theft

Criminals target businesses for theft of everything from proprietary information to identity. If the thieves gain access to documents, they can do everything from fraudulent registrations and credit cards to misuse of a company’s identity and tax filings. Consider the hit that you company could take if someone had internal communications, pricing, client lists, and contacts that they could sell on the dark net. Each step can destroy the reputation of a company as well as end in potential financial ruin. Your Sleepy Hollow business requires the use of a paper shredder to maintain your company’s integrity.

As more employees work from home, we are seeing company norms make dramatic shifts. Proprietary business data is being shared via email, on cell phones, laptops, tablets, and USBs. Even the most innocent copier/printer has a memory card containing a copy of every document that was processed through the machine. This trend will probably increase in activity and this means that instead of the previously network contained information, it is now being found in multiple locations. Once the usefulness of these devices has ended or there is an upgrade to better, faster, or more improved devices, a business may not realize that the device will need to be destroyed to keep proprietary data out of the hands of criminals.

No Job Too Large or Small

There are multiple benefits for using a professional paper shredding service in Sleepy Hollow. You can coordinate a single, one-time pickup or establish a schedule for regular pickups. This type of flexibility is perfect for organizations that have needs such as relocation, mergers/consolidations, post-audit/legal conditions, or the requirement by law to get rid of specific paperwork.



Join thousands of other companies.
“The only company you will ever need.”


Document Destruction Services Saves Money

Office space is costly and using a professional document destruction service in Sleepy Hollow can eliminate the need to have secure storage of old and outdated documents. The use of record storage companies has shown that some are secure to comply with legal requirements as well as carrying a high price for storage. The price to try to do in-house document destruction involves shredders that overheat and staff time to remove clips and destroy the documents based on the limitations of the shredders. Professional document destruction services are cost-effective, efficient, and offer security at reasonable rates.

Sleepy Hollow Paper Shredding Services

SHREDDRS offers small businesses or large enterprises paper shredding services with a regularly scheduled service or a onetime purge if needed. Hand-fed shredders just do not ‘cut-it’ in todays society. Never assume your garbage is safe. Your garbage offers thieves easy access to discarded personal and business information. You may be surprised to learn that criminals will steal bags of shredded material from trash cans with the intention of reconstructing those files. Keep your personal and business information out of the garbage, use a secure destruction service like SHREDDRS to keep you and your business safe.


Sleepy Hollow About

Sleepy Hollow is a village in Kane County, Illinois, northwest of Chicago. The population was 3,304 in 2010.



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Sleepy Hollow, Illinois Information

Sleepy Hollow is located in northeastern Kane County at 42°5′27″N 88°18′44″W. It is bordered to the north and east by the village of West Dundee and to the south and west by the city of Elgin. Sleepy Hollow is generally bounded by Randall Road to the west and Illinois Route 72 to the north. Illinois Route 31 runs east of the village limits, and Interstate 90 passes to the south.