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Yorkville, IL Paper Shredding Services

Whether a business is small or large, paper shredding services in Yorkville, IL remains a priority. Companies can no longer take the chance of sketchy in-house shredding and without proper shredding, the information could land in the hands of criminals, causing identity theft and stolen proprietary business data.

Today’s businesses use both paper and digital methods for data storage and each one must have a focus when it comes to end-of-life considerations for shredding and destruction. Proper paper shredding is part of the cost of doing business in maintaining security and privacy.

Yorkville, IL Document Destruction

Security for business proprietary information includes both document and data destruction. Prioritizing document destruction has become less important as we have made a global transition to digital formats. Criminals are keenly aware of a more relaxed attitude regarding documents and have recognized that targeting companies that give less attention to document destruction is an easy way to gain access to all their information. If you have a business in Yorkville, IL you need to take the kind of precautions to protect your client and organizational data using a professional document destruction company.

There are several federal and state laws that require all businesses to take actions to protect and secure customer and patient information. Beyond the Data Protection Act, there is also HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) for those in the healthcare industry. Lack of compliance for proper document destruction can result in fines, loss of reputation, and potential business closure.



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Yorkville, IL Destruction Services

Information storage is typically thought of as data held on computers. However, our technologies are changing and progressing every day and we now find that there is a variety of electronic media of many variations. Businesses in Yorkville, IL should be aware of the potential dangers of each of these device types and include them as part of their cybersecurity strategies for analysis and product destruction at end-of-life.

As more employees work from home, we are seeing company norms make dramatic shifts. Proprietary business data is being shared via email, on cell phones, laptops, tablets, and USBs. Even the most innocent copier/printer has a memory card containing a copy of every document that was processed through the machine. This trend will probably increase in activity and this means that instead of the previously network contained information, it is now being found in multiple locations. Once the usefulness of these devices has ended or there is an upgrade to better, faster, or more improved devices, a business may not realize that the device will need to be destroyed to keep proprietary data out of the hands of criminals.

Protecting company, client, and patient information has become one of the highest priorities in today’s business world and now requires the use of professional organizations that are experts in product destruction.


Yorkville About

Yorkville is a city in Kendall County, Illinois. The population is 20,613. It is the county seat of Kendall County. Raging Waves waterpark, the self-proclaimed largest waterpark in Illinois, is in Yorkville.



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Yorkville, Illinois Information

Yorkville is in northern Kendall County at 41°39′57″N 88°26′31″W. It is bordered to the northeast by Montgomery, to the east by Oswego, and to the west by Plano. It is 12 miles southwest of Aurora and 47 miles southwest of downtown Chicago. Yorkville has an area of 20.058 square miles, of which 19.97 square miles is land and 0.088 square miles is water. The Fox River flows through downtown Yorkville. The city is in Bristol, Kendall, and Fox townships.