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SHREDDRS Corporate Headquarters is in Indiana.

We offer various options to suit your needs.


Indiana One-Time Shredding Service

Our one-time Shredding Service is perfect when cleaning out your office, closing an office or simply when you have accumulated enough information you do not feel comfortable just tossing it in the trash.


Indiana Hard Drive Destruction Service

Did you know that most businesses do not use a professional service to destroy old, hard drives, computers, printers, etc. If you think erasing, reformatting or any such service erases your hard drive you are mistaken. The data still exist on the hard drive it is simply made available to be written over but unless you actually use the item after it is reformatted the data just sits there available for anyone to access.


Indiana Cell Phone Destruction Service

Think about for about one second and you will realize all your personal information is stored on your cell phone, more than just your favorite social channels. Your banking information, personal contacts, emails, the list is endless. I would bet, pretty much anything you do electronically you have done on your phone at one time or another. So, what do you do when you get a new one? Trade it in? Risk someone finding or exploiting all your personal data that is probably still on it? Modern-day Androids and IOS’s come with Encryption but as with any technology there will always be Security Flaws that Compromise Your Safety. “Pierce-and-Tear” shredding is a method that ensures your data is gone forever.


Indiana Media Destruction Service

Think about how much data your company may have on thumb drives, backup tapes, your businesses confidential information is probably in more places than you realize. Our secure media destruction services are the only way to ensure your confidential information will stay out of the wrong hands.


Regularly Scheduled Paper Shredding Service in Indiana

If you own a business, you should be on a regularly scheduled destruction service. With our tamper-proof containers and a set document shred schedule you will know that the daily information will be protected and destroyed on a regular basis but so will the files you need to keep for years. If you have ever been in a lawsuit, you understand the risk of not keeping something the appropriate amount of time as well as the liability of keeping something too long. If you have it, you must turn it over when requested. With a set shredding schedule, it helps keep your business protected.


Every Business Owner Knows the Most Valuable Asset

It is no surprise that employees are the most valuable asset of any company, but do you know your organizations second most valuable asset? Data, an easy example is your customer list, if it fell into your competitors’ hands it could be very damaging to your business. Pricing, another example, internal pricing, external pricing, margins, etc. could all wreak-havoc on your businesses ability to make a profit.

These simple examples can cause security issues you might not have thought of. Let us say your new salesman is calling current customers to offer them a new product or service. He prints out a list of your customers information and at the end of the day just tosses it in the garbage, how comfortable are you with that information just floating around out there? Having a security console and a shredding policy in place will help keep your businesses most valuable assets safe and secure. Call SHREDDRS today for a free security risk assessment.


Indiana About

Located in the Midwestern United States, Indiana is one of eight states that make up the Great Lakes Region. Indiana is bordered on the north by Michigan, on the east by Ohio, and on the west by Illinois, partially separated by the Wabash River. Lake Michigan borders Indiana on the northwest and the Ohio River separates Indiana from Kentucky on the south.



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Indiana Information

The state includes two natural regions of the United States: the Central Lowlands and the Interior Low Plateaus. The till plains make up the northern and central regions of Indiana. Much of its appearance is a result of elements left behind by glaciers. Central Indiana is mainly flat with some low rolling hills (except where rivers cut deep valleys through the plain, like at the Wabash River and Sugar Creek) and soil composed of glacial sands, gravel and clay, which results in exceptional farmland. Northern Indiana is similar, except for the presence of higher and hillier terminal moraines and hundreds of kettle lakes.

In northwest Indiana there are various sand ridges and dunes, some reaching nearly 200 feet in height. These are along the Lake Michigan shoreline and also inland to the Kankakee Outwash Plain. Southern Indiana is characterized by valleys and rugged, hilly terrain, contrasting from much of the state. Here, bedrock is exposed at the surface and isn’t buried in glacial till like further north. Because of the prevalent Indiana limestone, the area has many caves, caverns, and quarries.


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