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Who needs a Dunlap, Indiana shredding service?

If you have a business in Dunlap, you need secure document destruction services. A single sheet of paper can hold enough sensitive information to wreak-havoc on your business. Dunlap Shredding Services is not about the quantity of documents you must shred, it is about protecting your business, customers, and employees.

Know When to Shred Your Documents

First, it is important to understand; what a record is, where a record goes, who accesses it and what did they do with it. Sometimes, things like financial spreadsheets could just end up on someone’s desktop computer forever. Identifying the records your Dunlap business produces, and the legal requirements of each record is the first step. The next step is to create a policy behind each record. There are several factors that go into records retention policies. The type of company and business you are, for example a publicly traded company must answer to the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission). Then there is OSHA (Occupational Safety & Health Administration), they require that some health-related records be kept for either 30 years or the duration of a person’s employment plus 30 years. You also have the EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission) they state that documents about job applicants and personnel records be kept from one to three years. And the healthcare industry has yet another layer to consider with HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act). You get the picture, this is not a one-person job, legal advice should be sought, department managers brought into the discussion and seek a professional service like SHREDDRS to ensure your documents are destroyed properly and you receive a certificate of destruction.

One-Time Paper Shredding Services in Dunlap, Indiana

It is not uncommon for Dunlap businesses to let documents pile up over the years. Besides the obvious clutter this can bring to any storage room, legal actions can make this a risky adventure. A large financial firm was ordered to pay $15 million for failing to properly retain records.  In records retention, there is no safe way to play it. Keeping too much information is a risk and your Dunlap business could be violating privacy rights. On the other hand, destroying documents prior to required legal retention periods can open your Dunlap business up to costly fees and fines should you ever find your business in a litigation case.

Dunlap, Indiana Scheduled Shredding Services

SHREDDRS provides Dunlap scheduled shredding services for all businesses no matter the size. In conjunction with having a proper records retention policy, it is just as important to have a destruction plan in place for your daily businesses needs. Copies are one thing to think about, a copy is not necessarily part of a records retention policy. They often happen because someone in your organization needs a bit of information. Now, what happens to that document after its usefulness? Does it end up in the regular trash can, is it just sitting in a bin on a desk? Having a secured locked shredding console in your office or warehouse is a great way to protect your Dunlap business, your employees and most importantly your customers.

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Dunlap, Indiana Hard Drive Destruction Services

Think of all the electronic information on a thumb drive, hard drive, or even a cell phone. Emails, financials, documents all kinds of information. A simple 4GB hard drive could hold 5 or more banker boxes of information. That is over 12,000 pages of your companies’ data on a simple thumb drive. You can see how that number magnifies when we start talking about hard drives. You would probably notice if someone walked out of your Dunlap location with 5 or more banker boxes. This information got here innocently enough, while in use, but electronically stored information can leave your property without anyone being the wiser, until it is too late, and you have an obvious security breech on your hands. For that reason, when a device is no longer in use, it is important not to look at it as some inanimate object but something that is very much alive, your thriving Dunlap business. Do not let storage rooms of your company’s information just leave your office unchecked, hire a professional company like SHREDDRS to destroy all your information, shredding is not just for paper documents.  

Dunlap, Indiana Product Destruction Services

Product manufactures in Dunlap will at some point will find themselves with large amounts product that should be destroyed. These can include defective, out-of-date, and branded information just to name a few. It could be a liability to the company if this product got into the general marketplace.  For that reason, we strongly suggest hiring a professional destruction company to ensure all your product is destroyed and you have received a certificate-of-destruction to keep on-file that it was completed. SHREDDRS provides Certificates of Destruction on all our shredding services. Call SHREDDRS today to discuss your product destruction needs.


Dunlap About

Dunlap is located at 41°38′05″N 85°55′06″W. Dunlap has a total area of 4.9 square miles, of which 0.20% is water. A post office was established at Dunlap in 1886, and remained in operation until it was discontinued in 1902..



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Dunlap, Indiana Information

Dunlap is a census-designated place (CDP) in Elkhart County, Indiana. The population is 6,235. Once a small farming community, by the 1980s it had become a suburb of Elkhart and Goshen, Indiana. Most of the town was destroyed by two violent F4 tornadoes during the Palm Sunday Tornado Outbreak on April 11, 1965. Both tornadoes killed over 60 in the region.