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Lake Dalecarlia, IN Secure Document Shredding


Methods of Destruction for Hard Drives

There are a few ways for complete destruction for technology devices and peripherals. While many fall under the “name” of shredding, the processes differ from those that shred paper. Once a device reaches end-of-life, is no longer needed, is being replaced with an upgrade, or is simply not functioning to accepted standard, it is critical that the device is rendered harmless and no longer contains any information or data that could be accessed. The type of data destruction depends upon if the device will be donated or sold, or if it is to be completely destroyed. The types of destruction include:


Join thousands of other companies.
“The only company you will ever need.”

Lake Dalecarlia Document Destruction

The era of shredding documents in-house and then adding them to recycling is long gone. Too many companies have found out the hard way that simple single strip shredding has allowed criminals to reassemble their critical and important organizational and client/patient information so that it can be sold on the dark web, causing company breaches, identity theft, and fines for abusing state and federal laws for data protection. There is a requirement for businesses to take document destruction seriously by hiring licensed and professional document destruction companies such as SHREDDRS, who will guarantee that all documents are shredded to the maximum so that the information can never be used.


Best Practices for Data Destruction

When looking for a company that will be responsible for all data destruction there are a few best practices that will be a priority to assure that all documents and devices are being destroyed:

Why Shredding Services Are Important

Breaches may be most known as those accomplished by hackers that break into a network, however, criminals will attempt any form of theft to access proprietary and personal information. One of the easiest methods of theft is insecure disposal and re-use of devices that have reached end-of-life and are replaced by newer technologies. Tech savvy criminals can buy these devices on eBay, look for them at nonprofits where they are donated, or buy them at bulk commercial locations where they are sold for parts. Patient, customer, client, and company information is held on these devices when an organization simply assumed that “deleting” would get rid of the data.

Lake Dalecarlia About

Lake Dalecarlia is a census-designated place in Lake County, Indiana, United States. The population was 1,355 at the 2010 census. The name comes from the English name of the Dalarna region of Sweden. The community is centered on the lake of the same name, which was completed in the 1920s.



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Lake Dalecarlia, Indiana Information

The Lake Dalecarlia community is located in southern Lake County surrounding a lake of the same name. The community is at the northern end of Cedar Creek Township and is bordered to the north by the town of Cedar Lake. According to the United States Census Bureau, the CDP has a total area of 1.4 square miles, of which 1.1 square miles are land and 0.3 square miles, or 19.27%, are water.