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St. John, IN Secure Document Shredding


Shredding Services St. John, IN

When most people think of shredding, they automatically default to paper or document shredding. However, the amount of documents being transferred to digital formats takes the concept of shredding to entirely new levels. The technologies that we store critical information is now viewed as a priority for destruction, and as we attempt to transition to a paperless society, and with the addition of state and federal laws regarding protection of proprietary and customer/patient data, every business is being faced with the requirement for both document and digital shredding. To accomplish these tasks on a high security level, organizations are turning to licensed, professional data destruction companies for shredding services.


Join thousands of other companies.
“The only company you will ever need.”

Industries that Require Shredding Services

Any organization that has proprietary information regarding their internal alliances, partnerships, pricing, customer lists, contracts, hiring data, and any sensitive documents and data should be concerned with and take action on shredding both paper and devices when they are no longer relevant.

St. John, Indiana Hard Drive and Product Destruction

There are a few ways for complete destruction for technology devices and peripherals. While many fall under the “name” of shredding, the processes differ from those that shred paper. Once a device reaches end-of-life, is no longer needed, is being replaced with an upgrade, or is simply not functioning to accepted standard, it is critical that the device is rendered harmless and no longer contains any information or data that could be accessed. The type of data destruction depends upon if the device will be donated or sold, or if it is to be completely destroyed.

Types of Document Destruction

Industrial shredders are a kind of all in one, created to shred multiple types of materials including paper, corrugated boxes, beverage containers, and plastics. These are large, high-tech devices that require special voltage lines. The design is such that the machinery can operate with little or no human intervention. Industrial shredders are used to create more eco-friendly results.

Pierce and tear shredders are a type of shredder that is considered to be high security and is designed to perform in more industrial applications. The process first punches holes in the material and then tears the material apart within the shredder so that it achieves total destruction. The pierce and tear shredders can accommodate a variety of materials including documents and cardboard.


St. John About

According to the 2010 census, St. John has a total area of 11.481 square miles, of which 11.39 square miles (or 99.21%) is land and 0.091 square miles (or 0.79%) is water.



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In 2019 the following awards were given to the Town of St. John: WalletHub has ranked the Town of St. John as the 12th Best Place to Live in Indiana for Families. SafeWise has ranked the Town of St. John as the safest city in Indiana. SafeWise has ranked the Town of St. John as the 19th safest city in America. The National Council for Home Safety and Security has rated St. John the third safest community in Indiana for 2019. HomeSnacks has ranked the Town of St. John as the third best place to live in the state.