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Lawrence, IN  Document Destruction

Lawrence, IN  document destruction and paper shredding services, SHREDDRS helps your business stay compliant with secure document destruction services and provides shredding schedules to meet your businesses legal demands. Our team picks up documents, data, and all other records from businesses across Lawrence, IN  and the surrounding communities for secure destruction and we provide a certificate of destruction for your records.

Working with SHREDDRS in Lawrence, IN  can take the hassle out of your records retention policies and eliminate the hassle of in-house shredding. Also, to prove compliance during audits your business will need to be able to provide a Certificate of Destruction (COD), which proves that documents were destroyed according to regulations. A COD can only be provided by a certified shredding company.

SHREDDRS can incorporate our services into your document destruction policy, or help you create a document destruction policy, to help you stay compliant with secure certified shredding services.

Lawrence, IN  Paper Shredding Services

Why Lawrence, IN  paper shredding service?

There is only one answer to this question, to protect your customers, your employees, and your business. There are several reasons to have shredding services provided by a certified shredding company in Lawrence, IN . It will help keep your documents from falling into the wrong hands. The longer you hold documents, increases the chance that your confidential information will fall into the wrong hands.

Being on a regular Lawrence, IN  shredding schedule ensures you are only keeping what is needed for the appropriate amount of time. Thus, making your records retention department hold only what is required, saving valuable office or storage space.

If you have ever been thru a litigation with your business, you already know the importance of this. Lawrence, IN  paper shredding services helps protect everyone in the event of a litigation or audit.  If you are a Lawrence, IN  area business, you need to destroy stored records on a regularly scheduled basis.  If a business exhibits irregular document destruction services and you are subsequently involved in litigation or an audit, the practice of “selective destruction” may cost thousands of dollars in fees and penalties.



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Lawrence, IN  Hard Drive Shredding & Destruction

Think about all the information stored on a hard drive, it can represent an enormous amount of client, employee, business, and personal data. Identity theft is becoming commonplace. Of the more than 3.2-million fraud cases reported to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), identity theft accounted for 20.33% of cases and was the most-common type of fraud. Unfortunately, deleting files or doing a factory reset on a computer hard drive does not erase the data. It only removes the file name from the file directory and allows that space to be over-written. Any data, including personally identifiable information (PII) and protected health information (PHI), is still very much recoverable. A determined individual can still extract that data with a couple of internet searches. It does not take a sophisticated software system or individual to gain access to your deleted files.  

Lawrence, IN  SHREDDRS Types of Service

SHREDDRS has two types of shredding services available to Lawrence, IN  businesses.

One-Time Shredding – Our one-time shredding service, also called “bulk shredding” or a “purge shredding” is a great option for Lawrence, IN  businesses that need to clean out their documents, files, and hard drives.

Reoccurring Shredding – Our reoccurring shredding is an ongoing service that we provide to Lawrence, IN  businesses.  Your employees simply deposit confidential company documents into one of the security consoles that we provide and SHREDDRS takes care of the rest.  SHREDDRS has shredding schedules to fit your Lawrence, IN  business needs, call today to see how we can help.


Lawrence About

Lawrence is a city in Marion County, Indiana. It is one of four “excluded cities” in Marion County. The city is home to Fort Benjamin Harrison within Fort Harrison State Park. The population is 46,001. The city is on the northeast side of Indianapolis and is currently growing at twice the rate of the rest of Indiana.



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Lawrence, Indiana Information

The municipality was platted in 1849 under the name Lanesville but other names were tried because there was already another Lanesville in Indiana. The name Jamestown, in honor of the town’s founder James White, was used for a while, but in 1866 the Marion County Commissioners approved the name Lawrence, which is also the name of the township in which it is located. Lawrence was named after the naval hero of the War of 1812, Captain James Lawrence. In 1929 the citizens of Lawrence voted to become an independent town, where they first established the town Marshall, as well other parts government. In 1969, Indianapolis and Marion County adopted a unified government structure known as Unigov. Lawrence is one of four “excluded cities” and therefore retains its own municipal government. Its citizens vote not only for the mayor and council of Lawrence, but also for the mayor of Indianapolis and representatives on the Indianapolis City-County Council.