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Leo-Cedarville Confidential Document Destruction

Leo-Cedarville businesses operating in today’s instant information age must navigate an ever-changing landscape of regulatory requirements, confidentiality, security, and liability issues. One of the most effective ways a Leo-Cedarville business can protect itself is to hire a professional document destruction company to handle sensitive materials. SHREDDRS has a shredding schedule to fit your business needs. Rely on us to minimize your company’s liability, maintain organization, and lessen your storage requirements.

With document destruction and paper shredding services, SHREDDRS helps your business stay compliant with secure document destruction services and provides shredding schedules to meet your businesses legal demands. Our team picks up documents, data, and all other records from businesses across Leo-Cedarville and the surrounding communities for secure destruction and we provide a certificate of destruction for your records.

If you have ever been thru a litigation with your business, you already know the importance of this. Leo-Cedarville paper shredding services helps protect everyone in the event of a litigation or audit. If you are a Leo-Cedarville area business, you need to destroy stored records on a regularly scheduled basis. If a business exhibits irregular document destruction services and you are subsequently involved in litigation or an audit, the practice of “selective destruction” may cost thousands of dollars in fees and penalties.



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Leo-Cedarville, IN SHREDDRS Types of Service

SHREDDRS has two types of shredding services available to Leo-Cedarville businesses.

One-Time Shredding: Our one-time shredding service, also called “bulk shredding” or a “purge shredding” is a great option for Leo-Cedarville businesses that need to clean out their documents, files, and hard drives.

Reoccurring Shredding: Our reoccurring shredding is an ongoing service that we provide to Leo-Cedarville businesses. Your employees simply deposit confidential company documents into one of the security consoles that we provide and SHREDDRS takes care of the rest. SHREDDRS has shredding schedules to fit your Leo-Cedarville business needs, call today to see how we can help.

Leo-Cedarville Product Destruction

SHREDDRS is a full-service document and product destruction company. Do you have a product recall? Out-of-spec products, out-of-date product, returned or defective in some way?

SHREDDRS facility can hand all your Leo-Cedarville product destruction needs, we have semi-trailers that can come to you to pick up your product, you can have it shipped to our secure certified location, or you can drop them off. Once completed you will receive a certificate of destruction, this can be used to show compliance with product recall or court ordered destruction, and simply for peace-of-mind.

Whatever the reason, SHREDDRS cab help, ensuring full compliance with laws regulating the disposal of products that require special disposal practices. We keep up to date on the latest rules regarding product destruction. Call SHREDDRS today to learn how we can help.


Leo-Cedarville About

Leo-Cedarville is located along the St. Joseph River and the Cedarville Reservoir. The town is served by East Allen County Schools: Cedarville Elementary School, Leo Elementary School, and Leo Junior/Senior High School.



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Leo-Cedarville, Indiana Information

Leo-Cedarville is a town in Cedar Creek Township, Allen County, Indiana, United States. The population was 3,603 at the 2010 census. Leo-Cedarville was formed by the incorporation of the villages of Leo and Cedarville in 1996. This was done so that the two towns could not be annexed by the nearby city of Fort Wayne.