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Rocky Ripple, IN Secure B2B Paper Shredding

SHREDDRS proudly services businesses in Rocky Ripple, IN. We are a locally owned, regional shredding company with multiple trucks at your service. We offer enterprise business solutions, with small business responsiveness. Our services are secure, convenient, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly. To get started or have your questions answered call our friendly staff today at 888-427-5797.

Rocky Ripple, IN Product Destruction

SHREDDRS is a full-service document and product destruction company. Do you have a product recall? Out-of-spec products, out-of-date product, returned or defective in some way?

SHREDDRS facility can hand all your Rocky Ripple, IN product destruction needs, we have semi-trailers that can come to you to pick up your product, you can have it shipped to our secure certified location, or you can drop them off. Once completed you will receive a certificate of destruction, this can be used to show compliance with product recall or court ordered destruction, and simply for peace-of-mind.

There are many reasons you may need a product destroyed from the marketplace permanently. They could include returned items, expired items, and mislabeled merchandise.

Branding is another reason, safely destroying uniforms, identification cards and other items and products that could pose a threat to your Rocky Ripple, IN company’s security.

Excess Inventory – Protecting trade secrets, trademarks, and brands by professionally destroying prototypes and excess inventory.

Whatever the reason, SHREDDRS cab help, ensuring full compliance with laws regulating the disposal of products that require special disposal practices. We keep up to date on the latest rules regarding product destruction. Call SHREDDRS today to learn how we can help.



Join thousands of other companies.
“The only company you will ever need.”


Rocky Ripple, IN Confidential Document Destruction

SHREDDRS will properly dispose of your confidential documents. We service all businesses in Rocky Ripple, IN. For healthcare facilities, doctors’ offices, dentist, walk-in-clinics, in Rocky Ripple, IN patient health information destruction is an essential part of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) compliance. Our SHREDDRS team will discreetly handle all your needs, using cross shredding and shred strip widths down to 1/4 of an inch. Our Rocky Ripple, IN business clients will know that their documents will be securely destroyed, and sensitive information will no longer be accessible.

Rocky Ripple, IN businesses operating in today’s instant information age must navigate an ever-changing landscape of regulatory requirements, confidentiality, security, and liability issues. One of the most effective ways a Rocky Ripple, IN business can protect itself is to hire a professional document destruction company to handle sensitive materials. SHREDDRS has a shredding schedule to fit your business needs. Rely on us to minimize your company’s liability, maintain organization, and lessen your storage requirements.

Shredding Guidelines Rocky Ripple, IN

Establishing guidelines to determine how long a file should be kept requires an outline of file types, HR, financial, customer, etc. and specific procedures for ensuring each vital document is retained for the appropriate amount of time and obsolete documents are shredded on a regular schedule. SHREDDRS can help your Rocky Ripple, IN business maintain a schedule for purging and destroying both hard files and electronic files in retention.

Keep a File Destruction Record

Along with the certificate of destruction you will get from SHREDDRS, your business could also keep a permanent list or database of destroyed files. Outlining the best document retention/destruction policy for your Rocky Ripple, IN business will minimize risk while maintaining an efficient records management system that saves on overhead expenses long-term.


Rocky Ripple About

Rocky Ripple is a town in Marion County, Indiana. The population is 606. It was founded in 1928, and the town was incorporated as an “included town” as part of Unigov in 1970. It is part of Indianapolis, but retains a separate functioning town government under IC 36-3-1-11. Although not far from the city center, Rocky Ripple is a somewhat isolated area, located between the Central Canal and the White River, only two traffic-supporting bridges over the canal provide access to the town.



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Rocky Ripple, Indiana Information

Rocky Ripple is located at 39°50′50″N 86°10′23″W. Rocky Ripple has a total area of 0.3 square miles, all land. The vast majority of Rocky Ripple is located in a flood plain. A 2017 study found that the existing Rocky Ripple levee is in a seriously deteriorated condition. The analysis indicates that the levee currently has a 5% or greater annual chance of overtopping (20 year level of protection) and there is about a 92% chance that the levee will be over-topped at least once over the next 50 years.