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Secure Document Destruction

Secure Document and Data Destruction for Schools

Secure Paper Shredding for Schools

Schools are stewards of some very private and personal information on students, faculty, and staff. This data can include everything from social security numbers to income and family, and when this information gets into the wrong hands it can cause life-long devastation. Criminals are aware that schools operate within very strict budgets and this may require some to try to cut corners to save money. A school may put off placing some documents into digital format or even try in-house document shredding. In addition, a school environment is filled with those that make use of portable technology devices of all types. When you combine all of these factors it becomes painfully obvious that schools need a professional document and data destruction company such as SHREDDRS to protect personal and proprietary information from criminals that want to steal it.

Comparitech published: “Since 2005, K–12 school districts and colleges/universities across the US have experienced over 1,300 data breaches, affecting more than 24.5 million records.

Just gaining the social security numbers of students and faculty in a school environment is a treasure trove of profit on the dark web. This covers schools of all types, from lower to higher education.

Cost of Lifelong Identity Theft

For anyone that has gone through identity theft, you know that it changes everything. Beyond taking months to clear up, full identity theft also requires that the individual file with all three credit reporting agencies and the IRS. For a young student, it will mean that for the rest of their life they will have to have a PIN number to file any taxes. As they get older and apply for credit they will have to take extra actions to prove their identity.

Schools that have had any form of paper, digital, or network breaches also know that lawsuits against a school system can cost millions.

The idea of “cost” comes in many ways and schools have an obligation to protect their students, faculty, and staff against any form of criminal breach.

Some New Laws Require Security Steps

There are states that have enacted specific laws requiring school systems to not only have high level network protocols to protect personal identity information but to also make use of professional services that will ensure all documents and digital technology that contains any personal data is destroyed. Companies such as SHREDDRS work with school systems to coordinate the destruction of all paper/digital copies and supply a certification to the school as proof of destruction.

Additional strategies that schools are enacting have including tracking all devices, specifically portable devices, as well as IT Departments that coordinate when devices can be listed as end-of-life for destruction so that they can upgrade to new. While a lot of paper documents are scanned into digital formats, there are still some that are maintained in secure on-site areas. At some point these documents must also be destroyed when they are no longer relevant, and the use of a professional document shredding company is the only way to be assured for complete destruction.

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