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Secure Paper Shredding

For businesses and organizations, increased measures for data security have becoming vitally more important. We live in both the age of information and the digital era where a person or organization’s privacy can be compromised due to data or identity theft. To stay within compliance of the increased government regulations, ShredDrs provides secure paper shredding for your facility or business. Our drivers come to your location to set you up with secure locking cabinets or large document carts for safe storage until removal. On a regular schedule throughout the year, our certified professionals will come remove the documents for safe shredding at our very own treatment facility. We assume full responsibility of the documents once they are picked up, and guarantee that everything is safe and secure until destruction. We use our own drivers, our own trucks, and will never send a third-party vendor to remove your documentation. We use state-of-the-art technology for shredding known as piece and tear shredding. This means that we do not shred your documents in strips, rather in indistinguishable pieces, where no two pieces are the same. This is the most secure way of shredding documentation.

Hard Drive Destruction

Deleting files from your computer or hard drive system is no longer adequate enough to ensure that information is inaccessible to a potential threat. Destruction of digital files is a major focus of secure shredding due to the amount of digital files that are created on a daily basis. ShredDrs uses the most secure way of shredding hard drives by tearing them into unrecognizable components. Like your paper documents, items that are picked up for destruction are protected and assumed under our responsibility from start to finish.

Product Destruction

At times, the items a facility has for destruction won’t fall under traditional shredding guidelines, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be safely and securely destroyed! You want to ensure that you are protecting your assets – beyond just paper and digital files. ShredDrs guarantees proper handling and treatment of items from your business or facility so that you can know that trademarked items are secure, avoid counterfeit or copies. Decrease the risk to you and your facility by having these items securely picked up and destroyed.

X-Ray Card Destruction

Though it may be making it’s way to digital systems as well, x-ray cards are still used at many medical facilities. These cards need to be disposed of properly so to stay in compliance with the federal laws and protect your patients. ShredDrs offers a comprehensive destruction service for x-ray cards and related materials. This process ensures the proper HIPAA guidelines and is a safe and secure way to clean out your office’s medical materials.

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